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Zero Mile is a collection of bootstrapped software, services, and content brands built from the ground up by Kyle Conarro, Landon Bennett, and their team. Our portfolio includes Ad Reform, Docs Fresh, Hillchart, Hire with Grit and the Made with Grit podcast. We previously built Userfeed and Bump, which were acquired in 2021.

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Docs Fresh

Your product is changing weekly. New features. Workflows. Designs. It never ends. If your product is changing all the time, so must your customer help center resources.You know all that time and money you put into your self-serve support tools and all the places you linked to your help center articles? If your content is outdated, it was a complete waste. Confused customers will reach out to your support team and you'll have lost all the efficiencies that self-serve tools promised.Make sure your users never see outdated or stale documentation again and that you get the highest return on your investment in self-serve support.Join the waitlist for first dibs on the beta 👍

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